Border of Scaling video disappears

For some strange reason when I apply the filder of scaling the border disappears and I cannot rescale :frowning:
Any suggestions ?

UPDATE: I found the border but it doesnt rescale… I make the box smaller and nothing happens ot the clip itself

Hi @Eva_Kam
Can you provide a screen capture of your Shotcut window showing the problem and the filters panel, so we can see exactly what filter you use. The Scaling filter doesn’t exist. Also tell us your version of Shotcut please.

In English the filter used for scaling is Size, Position & Rotate.

Video Mode: 1920x1080
Source image in V2: 1920x1080 (Same resolution as the video mode)

You can also hover the mouse over the zoom percentage and scroll up/down to slowly change the zoom level.

It sounds like you might have this problem where can’t see the borders of the video when zoomed out. Use the viewer zoom tool to put to Zoom 10% or Zoom 25% to see the border. Click the magnifying glass icon (that is changed to) to go back to Zoom Fit.

Shotcut 21.02.27
Get the latest version of Shotcut here.

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Ode To Shotcut 21.02.27

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Make sure the play head/cursor is over the selected clip if it is on timeline (or active time region if in Source player). For the timeline, you might find it convenient to double click the clip. That will select it and seek to its beginning in one action. Then you are sure the play head is over the selected clip.

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Thanks for the prompt replies!
I think it kinda froze for a while…
As next day it worked normally! :slight_smile:

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