Bond type Music Video with VFX

Hi, here’s a link to a James Bond action type Music Video that I made using ShotCut and Blender. It has a fair bit of VFX action. I’m still in the learning phase especially with Blender 3D compositing and infusing my subject into a 3D environment. But I hope to improve with each Music Video. I welcome any construction comments/criticism. Thanks.

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Hi Stacie, many years ago my daughter introduced me to MMD (Miku Miku Dance) and Vocaloid, and I bought her the Yamaha Vocaloid software. I like how your video is a mashup of so many different trends and how playful you are with the software to liven up your performance!

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments! (blush, blush). I shall continue to work hard on improving my video editing technique!

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