Bokeh Lights HTML filter

I was just wondering if it would be useful to turn this mesmerising animation of “bokeh lights” into a proper Shotcut filter with parameters for colours, number of lights, spread of light sizes etc… I would probably use it for some of my videos. If there is a call for it I’d try to find time to filterize it in the next day or so.

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I really like this idea. And you guys are amazing. It is possible to to make some vfx such as “Rain effect”, “Snow effect” etc. can also be made with HTML webvfx . @Elusien already made “Sniper” filter . Such filters need to add in Shotcut filter under “Community filters” (found in olive editor) or “Quick vfx” like in Hitfilm express. All the best @Elusien , @jonray @sauron and others members.

A bokeh html filter would be nice.
CSS has a built in blur effect so in theory one could take any picture and blur that.

Not sure how compatible it would be with @Elusien 's webvfx though.

My bokeh lights use a different mechanism to blur the “lights”, but it does use ‘filter’ to adjust the brightness.

There are a whole lot of filters in CSS. For examples see:

They should all work with my framework and the new CSS animation tool I created. Of course you could use the native Shotcut filters as well.

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