Blury images. Need emidiate help

I’m editing a video for a guy, and it’s like barely animation, but when i import the images (Png finally works now) it looks all blury as all hell. I thought it was just how the preview makes it look, and that once i export it it would look as it should, but when i exported it, it looked blury. And i don’t know how to fix it, i need a solution now, i’m supposed to be done with the video by tomorrow.

Learning curves are not software bugs.
Make sure the preview and export size of the PNG image/s are the same size as the source.
If you’re using them as an overlay, place them on a new track then use the Size and Position filter.

If Settings > Video Mode = Automatic and the first you put in your project is a picture, then it will be 1920x1080 25p and Export will default to that. It sounds like your images do not closely match this or whatever you are using for Settings > Video Mode. To what Steve said, ensure sizes match.