Bluring background and pasting a picture on top if it?

Hello there. It might be a stupid question but I failed to do it myself so I will ask…

Lets say that I want to make a video where the background is blurred at certain times, for example from 02:40 to 03:00 and another time later in the video and to have images placed on top of it when it’s blurred.

How do I do such a thing? Thanks for the help!

Use the blur filter with key frames to set blur amount and duration. You can use the Size and Position or Rotate and Scale filter to place an image/video on top of another image/video. Place the background on V1 and foreground on V2. Adjust the image/video on V2 with the S&P or R&S filters.

This tutorial covers it.

To blur an image or a video, there is a dedicated filter: Blur which has two parameters (height and width) that must be set to the identical to get a realistic blur and not a blur of shake. Do not forget to cut the scenes that need to be blurred. Have a good day.

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