Blur multiple areas in one video w version 22.01.30

Is there a how to video for the noted version that provides a work around for not being able to use multiple ‘mask applys’? I’ve seen this topic solved on the forum, but I wasn’t able to open the attachment. Thank you

Set the first Mask Operation to Overwrite.
Each remaining Mask filter Operation: Maximum.

Thank you for taking the time. I’ll try it. Do I need to work on separate layers? Thanks again!

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My example is all on one track.

Sounds good. Thanks

Here is an example with 2 tracks.

Tried it. I’m getting closer to what I want. Thanks for your help.

Thanks. I tried it with one track. It turned out pretty well but it was a practice video because I am messing with the quality of the good ones too much. So I opted to create one to practice with. It turned almost how I wanted it. The best yet. Thanks again.

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