Blur Filter, nearly unusable without Gui Control drag handles

I needed to blur part of a video today. I have been using shotcut for a couple years now.

I found this tutorial: how to add blur effect in shotcut | shotcut blur effect | shotcut tutorial - YouTube

In my opinion this is unnecessarily difficult (even with the tutorial I was unable to make a simple rectangular blur mask where I need it), I believe it would be much simpler if the mask could be manipulated directly by clicking and dragging on some sort of shape based GUI object in the video preview.

I am running:
Ubuntu 21.10
Shotcut 21.01.31
QT 5.15.2

Thank you for shotcut I use it fairly often and it has been a very useful tool in my arsenal.

This is already on the road map: add rectangle control to Mask: Simple Shape

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I did look at the road map, but must have missed that, I apologize.

For now I found another tutorial, and this one worked for me: Shotcut Tutorial: How To Track And Blur A Moving Face Or Object. - YouTube

In the meantime. I always find it difficult to see where the mask is, especially for blur. So what I do is use the “Invert Colors” filter instead of the “Blur”, which makes the area of the mask standout vividly. Then I modify the mask to what I want. Then I delete the “Invert Colors” filter and replace it with the Blur filter.

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