Blur: Exponential Causing Whole Project To Be Blurred

I wanted to add a blur for an ending for my video and i set the clip for the background to be with the Blur: Exponential. It blurred all right. It blurred my entire project. every mp4, even after removing the original filter from the ending mp4, it was all blurred, despite every file having no filter. i am exporting the file right now just to see if it is a rendering bug and didnt actually blur my entire project.
Edit: It did actually blur my entire project after rendering it. : (

Using version: Shotcut version 21.06.29

You’ve almost certainly applied the the filter to the Output (also called Master) track, or to the track as a whole (see below). Delete it.



god. thank you so much. tagging this as help/how to. thank you for this

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