Blur: box with radial effect

Does anyone know of a method that achieves a similar result?

Shotcut doesn’t have a radial blur filter.
I tried various combinaisons of different filters to achieve a similar effect, but so far no success.
Maybe someone else will have more luck (yes, I’m looking at you @dimadjdocent :face_with_monocle: :smile: )

This is an interesting challenge

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A radial blur filter would be killer!


The absence of this filter for me is also a very big headache. Since it is usually used for a creative transition, you can export the last frame of the video, process it with this filter in gimp, and already animate it a bit with a fisheye in the shortcut. In my experiments, I have not yet achieved a high-quality imitation of this effect; nevertheless, such a filter is very lacking. But I do not rule out that one day I will find a way to successfully combine filters.


There’s a radial blur filter in G’mic that you could try:

G’MIC - GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing: A Full-Featured Open-Source Framework for Image Processing - Reference Documentation - blur_radial (

This is a shot from my notes. I did get it going but I’m not sure where the video went. It worked well anyway. The girl transitioned to the door.

This was the original image:

So if you have no other options, you could try that.


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