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Hello friends

I have a 1916x1016 clip. I want to blur the part that appears in the 1016 part, that is in the attached picture.

size : 190x1016

How can I give blur to just this measure?

Thanks in advance for the help friend.

Hi @Ertan

Here’s one way to do it:

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Thank you @MusicalBox

Can it be done with one filter instead of three filters?

@Ertan Not to my knowledge.
But I can show you how to do it with 4 filters :wink:

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4 filters … :anguished:

Ok. Understood.

In fact, it would be very practical if only that part could be selected and filtered.

Well, that’s what the combination of those 3 filters does.
But I agree that it would be nice to have a dedicated filter that allows to blur a specific area of a clip. Not everyone knows the Mask/Mask Apply method.


The next version has filter sets with a stock Obscure With Blur. I decline to make X filters that simply combines the features of Y other filters.

Of course the decision is yours. However, my suggestion is for practicality, and practicality is a situation that will significantly increase the number of shotcut users.

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