Blu-Ray Authoring

I would like to create my own Blu-Ray discs, but I’m not seeing information on authoring Blu-Ray discs like I see for DVD’s. I’m still early in my research, so maybe there’s something out there. Does Shotcut have the ability to generate a file/directory that can simply be burned to BD, or is there some third-party authoring tool that is needed. I refuse to believe that only expensive tools can do the job.

If not, I’d love to see Shotcut have the ability to at least make a BD that contains 1 movie that plays when you insert the disc, even if there weren’t any menus.

Is there anyone here with experience making their own Blu-Ray movie discs? Thanks!

No, Shotcut is a video editor, not a video disc authoring tool.

As Steve says Shotcut is not a suite, containing an authoring tool. You didn’t say what platform you are using. Windoze has many options - Linux very few. Here is a list:

Suggest moving on, beyond disks to flashdrives instead.