Blending cropped image edges/ crop rectangle rotation

Three parts.

Part 1. Is there a way to blend the edge of a crop circle or crop rectangle edge with the surrounding areas underneath the cropped layer? For instance a good image except a small dark area needing brightened. cropping the area as a layer with transparent checked leaves a sharp edge clearly visible. If not a way then would be welcome addition.

Part 2. The ability to rotate the crop rectangle filter would be a welcome addition. I suppose rotating the entire layer is one way but having it on the filter itself would be awesome.

Part 3. The ability to rotate the spot remover would be awesome.

Thanks for your attention.

  1. You can use the Alpha Channel: Adjust with Shrink Soft, but that is subtle…
  2. You can instead use Mask: Simple Shape, which provides not only rotation but also much more softness aka feathering.
  3. If you are trying to obscure something, you can use Mask: Simple Shape with rotation followed by something like a Blur or Mosaic followed by Mask: Apply. Spot Remover is unlikely to get more options.

Here is an answer to Part 1, which also allows for Part 2:

Thank you. I will have to first find these other filters then learn how to utilize each one and in what order. Seems rather time consuming to lighten a dark spot and try to enhance detail without adding a halo. Having the ability within the one filter would be too convenient I suppose because i guess most people want sharp deliberate lines showing whenever they crop a specific part of an image to manipulate that parts attributes over top of the same whole image and always work in circles or boxes with only vertical and horizontal axis and all my spots to remove are always square or rectangular. I’m a unicorn and sometimes I forget I think different than most. The update I just installed has so many unnecessary menu alterations I gotta ask do some of the contributors strive to add more clicks to operations? Is it a competition? The timeline right click menu is getting out of hand.

I found one youtube demonstration and was able to perform that #2. demo without a problem on a solid field of color but no idea how to make it work with my video. This editor is extremely comprehensive I do admit but it’s poorly organized. In order to become totally fluent in it, especially with it getting regular facelifts and removing perfectly good filters I’ve become comfortable with and replacing them with cumbersome badly implemented replacements makes me cringe with every new update notice. I am not literate whatsoever in however this program is coded and don’t have the skills but I do have common sense and when I can create a meme on a meme site with shadowed text that I can change the width and opacity of a shadow and rotate it in a simple text editor surely a major effort such as this project can figure it out in a simple to use tool without multiple steps and overlays.

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