Blend mode to only let the brighter pixels through/ adjustment

Hi all,

i am looking for a blend mode to just let the brighter pixels shine through.
I am not sure what to choose, as i am used to the german blend names :neutral_face:
Also how can i adust the level of blending (like in photoshop e.g.) or do i need an extra alpha mask filter for that purpose?
Might be a suggestion to have a level adjustment just in the blend filter? :wink:

thank you!

The Screen Blend Mode removes black pixels. But only the pure white pixels will remain 100% opaque.

Iā€™m not sure what you mean by ā€œadjust the level of blendingā€.
Do you mean the Opacity and Fill adjustments?

Those affect the entire layer, not just the blend mode.
Is there a blend mode adjustment Iā€™m not aware of?
That would be embarrassing :smiley:

Anyways, if you talk about the Opacity adjustment (in Photoshop), you can add an Opacity filter as well in Shotcut, under the Blend Mode filter.


Thanks a lot - thats just what i am looking for :slight_smile:

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