Bleep introduced when splitting a video in editing

Hello I have noticed sometimes when I cut a video using the “Split at Playhead (S)” tool there is a bleep in it’s place.

Would anyone else be experiencing this and is there a fix for it?

Edit: the bleep is added on the right hand of the split. That is the audio to the right of the playhead where the audio track is split.


What version of Shotcut? There was a fix to a similar issue a couple versions back.

I don’t know if this helps, but some time ago I had some popping/clicking noises in an exported file and found it was where I had joined 2 clips together, but didn’t have them exactly next to each other - there were one or two blank frames separating them. I got rid of the blank space and the audio problem was fixed.

Of course if the bleep occurs immediately after you have split the tracks and not moved either of them this probably won’t help.

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