Black screen when put in timeline

I opened a brand new project and draged exactly 7 videos (each of the videos are less than a minute)
and the program completed the loading while it was loading I accidentally pressed spacebar (not sure if that’s the problem or not).When I put it into the timeline it’s there but when I play it it’s black screen.
I did not export it or anything just put it on timeline.
I did not move any file location.
I’m using the lastest version right now Shotcut version 23.05.14

I tried importing a random video and put on timeline and it’s showing that random video but still did not show those 7 videos I improted.
plz halp me thankssss!

Start over. Turn off proxy. Open one video from before that showed black. Is it still black? If not, add it to the timeline. Now? When using complex things, you generally need to be prepared to do some self troubleshooting because it can be easy for things to not go as planned. Even with something as simple as a hammer, you can smash a finger.

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thank you so muchhhh I didn’t know what a poxy is but I disabled it and it went back to normal tysm!

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