Black Screen No Audio After Export (2022)

I’ve been busy on a YouTube video for weeks. Today when I export so i can finally upload it, it came out as a black screen with no audio. Both the MLT file and final MP4 have no audio and have black screen. I use Microsoft 10.

Can anyone please help me or was all of this hard work for nothing? :sob: :sob:

When you preview your project in Shotcut, does the video and audio work? Or are both export and preview affected?

Maybe you have an unintentional filter applied. Can you take a screenshot of your entire Shotcut window and share it here for others to inspect?

Preview? You mean when I press play? NO neither the MLT or the exported MP4 file are working properly

There are green screen filters (chroma key) and memes applied

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. From the picture, I can not tell if there are any filters applied to your top video track. Also, I can not tell if there are filters applied to the clip that is under the playhead (the playhead is scrolled off of the screen). Can you share another screenshot with more of the timeline in view?

Also, it is possible that you might be experiencing this bug:

You can check the “blend mode” in the properties panel for Track V2.

The top track (v2) only has green screen memes. I put my cursor over one of them to show you that ONLY the green screen memes (chroma key) display on the black screen and they have audio. The other memes which are not green screen also display with audio but after the playhead moves over them the screen is black and soundless

The bottom track (V1) clearly has audiowave patterns showing but it doesnt have audio and you can also see thumbnail previews on the actual track itself but it doesnt show video.

When i tried exporting the 1st time it did give me an error and didnt export. But when i tried the 2nd time it exported with this issue unfortunately.

Blend Mode for V2 says ‘over’

V1 has no filters applied because i already exported the track with filters. I usually export my videos multiple times so i can edit it as one track cos i dont want to work with too many tracks.I split it a few times to insert some memes within the actual V1 track.

I was adding a final layer of green screen memes on top before uploading the complete reaction video on YouTube. So the apparent bug happened at the very end of my editing process just when i was about to finish :man_facepalming:

Any solution Mr Brian?

What filters do you have on these clips?

The 1st pic youve highlighted is a chroma key (sorry i guess chroma key counts as filter my bad) Filters I used are chroma key simple, chroma key advanced and size, position and rotate.

The second one is a meme i cropped from (Memes no copyright free to use) on the playlist. It has gains volume filter

Ive attatched a pic of the cursor moving over one of the memes which are not greenscreen and have no filter, in order to show you that it actually displays, With audio as well. But soon as the cursor moves over it its back to black screen

Make sure the Chroma filter is first, and Size, Position & Rotate is below it.

Ok Ive done it, will export and let you know if its fixed
PS: All the memes ive added playback twice after the cursor has moved over them. So once the cursor moves over one meme, that same meme repeats itself which is really weird :man_shrugging:

nope doesnt work :sob:
Should i trash this video? :sweat:

Upload your project file and we can see if it was affected by that bug @brian mentioned and possibly fix it (edit the XML).

Street Fighter6 Reaction.mlt (19.3 KB)

Like this?

Can you diagnose it if i email you the .mlt file?

I checked your project file, and it was not affected by that bug. I do not see anything wrong with it. I substituted my own media, and it works:

I suspect the problem is with your video on V1: Street Fighter6 Reaction VIDEO.mp4.
Maybe it is not seeking properly. Video editing requires media files that can accurately seek to any point in its time. You can try selecting it on the timelime, choose Properties > Convert, choose an option, and wait for its job to finish.

WTF!! converting made it worse, now there is no audio waves or thumbnail :sob: :man_facepalming:

Or can you please resend me the MLT attachment i sent you last time? Maybe if i uninstall and reinstall shotcut, open the MLT in the new installed app, it will fix the issue?

Maybe if i send your the MLT file +the assets you could simply export it on your side and resend the final video to me? You wont need to edit or change anything, all you do is export

Otherwise all that work was for :poop: life aint fair :frowning_face:

That leads me to believe there is a problem with the source file such that it was modified and become broken after you started using it in Shotcut. Shotcut is showing you cached waveform and thumbnail data. Open the original Street Fighter6 Reaction VIDEO.mp4 video in Shotcut’s source player and take a look. Is it black?

Or maybe even open it in a different media player. Is the file still good?

Hi sorry guys I couldn’t respond yesterday cos the website said I’ve reached my maximum amount of replies. NO, none of your solutions work. I played from source and used multiple video players. The file is totally f*cked.

I requested a favour, would u be willing to export the video for me on your computer if i email it to you with assets, then you email it back to me?

Otherwise i have to start from scratch, life is an unfair bitch aint she? :frowning_face: :sweat:

Can you just try a new project not using anything from One Drive?
Just enough of a project to do your first Chorma key filter(s) over the video.

The MP4 files appears to be from One Drive, and the other media is from E Drive.

If the Street Fighter6 Reaction VIDEO.mp4 file is broken as you confirmed (“The file is totally f*cked”) then no one else can render and export it for you either. If that is not the case you are not communicating well (which file exactly?). Feel free to upload all your stuff into a folder on your OneDrive. When it is completely done, share a link to the folder in this thread.