Black screen mp4 after exporting in YouTube format

i exported a video using the youtube option for about 4 hours and when it was finished and correctly exported i opened it and the audio was there nut just black screen. No images nothing. I’m uploading the video assuming it wont get affected or maybe change when i play it on youtube. But can i get help with this so i can save time if so just cancelling the upload if this isnt it and get a proper fix.

Did you tick the box on the export panel that says “Use hardware encoder”? If so, try again with box de-selected as this is the most common reason for getting a black video with just audio.

I think i only selected the youtube option and nothing else but ill rexport it just to make sure

Are there other problems that can affect this apart from the hardware encoder like the files i open them with…

Start shotcut and open the video in it that you have created. Does it play correctly. If so it is a problem with the application that normally opens when you click on an MP4 file.

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