Black screen and no audio

My project shows all the work and editing done down on the timeline but there is no audio or video when playing my project. I am confused as to how it will show all the work I did including the filters and timeline splits but won’t play any video or audio.

Debbie, sorry to hear you are having problems. It isn’t clear from your description what you did and what you are looking at. Could you confirm that you EXPORTED the video and you are trying to watch the .mp4 file you created on some video player such as VLC? if so, how big is the MP4 file (is it zero length)? Do the Shotcut logs show any errors? Are you using hardware acceleration, if so try exporting again with it switched off.

I am not using any hardware acceleration, the file size is 75.9 mb after converting to mp4, where would I check the shortcut logs for errors?

Application log.

Right click exported job. View log.


Hi Debbie - I have sometimes had this problem when editing .wmv files - particularly if I used a reduced size proxy for the editing process and then replaced them before exporting. What I’ve found in these circumstances is that shotcut loses the properties of the .wmv files (this doesn’t happen with .mp4 files). While on the properties tab, click on each segment and choose the “reset” button. This will restore the original properties and the export should be fine after that.

btw, if this is your problem, you’ll find that any transitions between clips are dead also. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to revive these.
Good luck

It can happen with mp4 as well. The problem is that the index of the selected audio and video tracks within the file are saved whether you manually changed them or not in Properties. These show up in the XML project file as like <property name="video_index">1</property>. Your proxy file must have a different video_index than the original. Usually you can simply delete all those lines to make the engine automatically re-select the first audio/video track found in the original file. This will not work if there are multiple audio or video tracks in a clip where you do not want the first found, of course. If you can figure out a way to make your proxy generate audio and video in the same order as the original, it will work better for you. :slight_smile:

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