Black External Monitor on Ubuntu Linux with 18.12.23

Kubuntu Linux 18.04
Nvidia GeForce GT 710

Select External Monitor = Screen 1 (which is actually Screen 0, LOL)

In 18.11.18, it works perfectly. (Shotcut-181118.glibc2.14-x86_64.AppImage)

In 18.12.23, I get a black screen with audio.

Something has regressed in 18.12.23 for Linux.

same issue here . Debian 9/XFCE and Xubuntu 18.04.

i just learned about ext-monitor last version, so i never seen it working.

Can you try downloading the 18.11.18 appimage and running that?
If you can, it will help the debug process by knowing whether you get the same result.

yep, 18.11.18 works successfully.

Sorry, this was a regression on a bug fix for Windows. It is fixed for the next version v19.01


any chance of getting a rebuild of 18.12.23 with this repaired?

Prior versions are not fixed. All of the fixes and other development gets put into the next version. Usually each version comes out once a month.

If you are looking for an older version, you can install an older copy along side of your current copy. You can also install an older copy to replace the current copy, then once the new release is out, just install the updated version.

For quite a few months now a “Beta” version releases, where it’s only visible in the forum for download. That entire post/thread is devoted to fixing that beta version’s bugs that people discover. Then that version will get a version revision number (Example: 19.01.NN) and is released in the “Download” link. I believe NN is the day within that month.

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