Black clips with audio when relink


I’ve followed a youtube tutorial to figure out the best way to use proxies with Shotcut. This method is about changing the original footages names to these of proxies. On youtube, it worked…


After spending 8 hours on my editing (in fact 16 but the saving shortkey and auto save seem not working very well on a mac but whatever…) i renamed my original footages and then re-opened Shotcut. The tracking happened well, my editing is still there on the timeline, the sources are playing well, but when i’m launching a preview of my project, the screen show a black screen and playing only the audio. I tried to export the project, and the problem is the same : the mp4 is a black screen and audio.

If you dont have an answer or just will tell me “it’s not the same size so it will not work”, please, tell me at least somebody is working on a proxy process, because today there are 4K everywhere and i think Shotcut is still a good software in comparison of Adobe Creative Sh*ts.

Log :
Shotcut_Log_v20200612a.txt (47.7 KB)

File :
Witch_06_Edit_02_DebugForum.mlt (108.5 KB)

Thank you!

This is not really a bug. You are changing things outside of Shotcut that it is not aware. When you add a file into a project, it gets an index for the the audio and video streams in your combined (multiplexed) A/V file. Typically the formats are capable of storing multiple video and audio streams, and you can select these in Properties including disabling them. So, when you made your own proxies they did not have the same values as the originals probably because their order differed. As a result, now you have to visit each clip’s Properties and make corrections to the selected Video and Audio tracks. Or, you could edit the XML in a text editor, look for audio_index and video_index values, and swap them.
The next version of Shotcut will have builtin proxy management, and this is one of the things I had to handle (note that current beta (1) is not suitable yet for full on proxy).

Perfect! Thank you for your answer, seems clear! :pray:

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