Black Bars on Left and Right Hand Side of Exported Video

I started a project in Shotcut with custom resolution of 1280x720, and finished editing of my video.
Source file was of resolution 1280x720 and I resized this to fit the screen of resolution of 1280x720.

Now I want to export the video file with resolution 1280x720 without any black bars.
Currently I am getting black bars on left and right side of the video,
below are my settings while exporting the video -
Resolution - 1280x720
Aspect Ratio - 16:9

Exported video with black bars -

Do you have the correct specifications? There would be no need to resize.
There are several 720p Video Mode presets already within Shotcut.

Can you show a screenshot of your project within Shotcut? Click on Output and then Properties to show the video mode.

If your video mode and source video are the same resolution, there is no need to enter Advanced to change any settings within Export. Try clicking reset in there, and export again.

You can play the video you exported in Shotcut… does it still show black bars? Some media players may show black bars if it’s not set to exact aspect ratio, even though the video is doesn’t have black bars.


Thank you very much @Hudson555x

Why I resized ?
Because earlier the resolutions were 820x312. But I need a video with resolution 1280x720, on exporting a video with 1280x720 px resolution i was getting black bars on all the four sides. So i resized my video to fill up the full screen of new project with custom resolution of 1280x720.
Yes, I agree with you, there are several presets available, I tried almost all of them and the exported video contains black bars on all the four sides.

Screenshot of my project properties in Shotcut -

Yes, my video mode is 1280x720 and source video is also of same resolution. And I am not changing anything in advanced settings while exporting the video.

You are absolutely right, it is the issue of media players, I tried to upload the video to youtube and checked there, it is as per my expectations without any black bars.
Here is the Link -

Thanks you very very much again @Hudson555x

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