Black background on images that overlays other video tracks

This is weird, I have been using shotcut for about two weeks now and this has never happened before. I start my project like I always have and create my 4 video tracks and one audio track, everything is going great until I want to add another image on top of track 4’s image.

So I add my 5th video track to place the image over top of all the other images and videos but there is a problem. A permanent black background now appears behind the image regardless of the size of the image. Normally if I resize the image, I can make it into a size that allow you to see the things behind it as well, but now it is just a black background.

I have tried it with images that already worked on track 4, but they still appear with the black background on track 5. I tried creating track 6, 7, 8, but every subsequent track that I try to insert the image into add the black background that covers everything behind it.

I can still insert images onto track 1-4 without having this problem, this is driving me nuts! The only similar problem that I saw was a person who ended up just restarting the project over again and I really don’t want to do that. Anyone have any ideas?

Try enabling ‘composite’ at the track head of the track with the image.

Still does it, even with composite enabled. It’s never happened before, and doesn’t happen in a new project, only this one. I may just have to bite the bullet and start over again.

hi, did you get this problem solved? i’m new to shotcut and find this very helpful, but having image on the video with black background covering all video. i really want to find the solution, so i can finish my church videos. i wish i see more conversation on this topic.

Post a screenshot of your timeline

I am having this same problem, it is SOO annoying, does anyone else have this problem/a way to solve it?
(try not make it sound so complicated please!!)

Post a screenshot of your timeline.

here’s my screenshot the image covers the video with black background. thanks for your respond

You have the wrong track set to ‘Composite’. Set V1 to composite, not V2

oh wow~ you’re awesome. the video shows now. thank you very much.