Bitrate and definition

Hi, I need to export videos for a job with some very specific bitrate and definition. The client wants the definition to be 720p and 1.5k bitrate. And he recommended the use of shotcut for the editing.

Thing is when do the export in “advance” in resolution there are two numbers (I do understand that this is generally combined, like 1.280 x 720) and in bitrate the lowest allowed is 16k and the maximum is 1m.

So I wonder if there’s a way to fullfil the specifications of 720p / 1.5k bitrate or not, or if maybe I’m misinterpreting the clients words. Thanks in advance and sorry is the question is dumb.

720p HD is normally 1280x720, 30 fps.

You cant make a video with a 1,5 Kbps, it is to slow to contain the needed information.
(back in the 1970 they used 1200 bps (1,2 Kbps) modems, but that was simple text only :smile: )

Are you sure it is not 1500 Kbps (1.5 Mbps)

Ok that answers my question about the HD.

On the second, I’m sure he wrote 1,5k bitrate, but yes I tested that and indeed there’s no sound at all. So whether he made a mistake and meant indeed 1500 Kbps or I miss understood 1,5 for 1.500 bitrate.

1500 bps is not an valid option, it is like filling 10000 liters of water into a 10 cl cup.

1500 Kbps, is a pretty low bitrate for 720p HD, normal 3000-4500 Kbps is need for streaming without lag.

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