Bilinear and Hyper Export same resulting video

Hello everyone,
I made some exporting test with 4K footage video.
One with bilinear interpolation and one with Hyper/L. but the resulting video is the same.
I compared with compare-tool: binary the same.
Could somebody tell me why ?
Could be a bug ?
Thank you in advance

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What was the resolution of the source files, what was the resolution of the project timeline (Video Mode), and what resolution was used for the Advanced Export settings? If it’s the same resolution all the way through, there will be no difference because no resizing happened.

What Austin wrote plus also the Size, Position & Rotate filter also differs per interpolation except for that hyper/lanczos = bicubic.

You are right, I have not provided enough informations. Sorry.
And you already gave me the reason: source resolution is the same of exported file.
I understand now that interpolation works when exporting to a different resolution (3840x2160).
Is it ?
I thought it was also used when using effects.

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