Bike Across America -- 3300 Miles between Vancouver and New York

This year I had the great pleasure of cycling through the USA. This resulted in a documentary film. The entire work was realized with Shotcut. I hope you enjoy the footage. There are three versions of the movie (English subtitles, Swiss German) (German subtitles, Swiss German) (Swiss dialect version)

I think it’s great that editing such a work is possible today under Linux and with open source. The programs used are from the multimedia Linux distribution AVMultimedia. Exception: An old version of GPX-Animator (adapted about 4 years ago) was used to generate the map.

Enough of the explanations, enjoy the movie.

More information about the trip itself can be found at

Note: It should be added that the movie lasts about 90 minutes (including the intermission). It was shot in 4K with GoPro, Sony video camera and Autel Nano+ drone. The links above contain direct links to the movie in FullHD (click once to start the movie).


Fantastic job! I especially like the segment maps.

What an adventure!
Great video quality. Spectacular drone shots. Excellent editing.
:+1: :+1:

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Hi @avbox - wow, that is epic! Love it. Brilliant job! I agree, the map sections are great. So is the scenery! Bravo!

Was a bit of work. I used an old customized version of GPX-Animator to generate the maps. Map data is from OpenTopoMap. There I used an overall view so that we get some idea how the landscape looks where I bike. I had to render it with 4K so I could zoom in to FullHD in the final movie (the part of the map is only FullHD).

Really really great. Congratulations. :clap: :clap: :+1:

Thank you for your positive feedback. I just realized that you make great tutorials for Shotcut. I’m sure that I will be inspired for my further work.

Bravo pour l’exploit sportif.
Bravo pour la qualité des images.
Bravo pour les prises de vue sans équipe de tournage en assistance.
Bravo pour la réalisation finale.
J’ai vraiment apprécié cette vidéo digne des grands documentaires diffusés sur RMC découverte par exemple.
Mon seul regret : Si le son était en Français
Félicitations :clap: :+1:

Bravo for the sporting achievement.
Bravo for the quality of the images.
Bravo for the shots without an assisting film crew.
Congratulations on the final achievement.
I really appreciated this video, worthy of the great documentaries broadcast on RMC Découverte for example.
My only regret: If the sound was in French
Congratulations :clap: :+1:

Merci pour les mots trés positive. Malheuresment mon français et plus ou moin pas si bien. Ca veut dire, en français probablement ca ne marcherait pas. Mais encore une fois merci pour cette aimable commentaire.

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