Bigsh0t 360 plugins 2.5 released

Hi all,

Version 2.5 of Bigsh0t is released. It contains the following changes:

  • Added a Equirectangular to Stereographic filter that you can use to create “little planet” videos. See here for a demo.
  • Added viewport UI to some filters, so the yaw, pitch, and roll parameters can be set by dragging in the viewport.
  • Bugfix: there’s a divide-by-zero in version 2.4’s atan2 function.
  • Tech debt: the QML files are still using code generation but now they look a bit less horrible.

Download Windows version from


I realized it won’t build on Linux due to different header files. Will fix that in 2.5.1 (soon).

Please use version 2.5.1 instead. There were more bugs in 2.5 that just not building.