Big MOV files reduction?

Hi, I like to keep the quality high, but my computer is only Windows 10/2.4 GHz/ 6 GB RAM.
I do record on a Ninja and he gives me video files of 19GB, 14 GB, 5 GB. When I import those files and edit them Shotcut crashes often.
What is the best way to reduce those files into something small enough not to crash Shotcut and keep reasonable quality? Vid Coder to mp4? 19 GB-MOV becomes 0.4GB- MP4; 14 GB-MOV becomes 0.2GB-MP4? or should I put the VID Coder values higher?
Thanks for thinking.

I regularly work with files much larger than that, so I’m leaning towards something other than file size being the issue. When files are very high quality, then Shotcut tends to be slower rather than outright crash.

What version of Shotcut are you using? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

What is the resolution of the videos coming out of the Ninja? 6 GB RAM would be stretched thin for 4K video regardless of file format.

Is the Ninja creating DNxHR or ProRes 422/HQ/XQ or ProRes RAW? Last I checked, ProRes RAW is not supported by FFmpeg yet. I don’t think 12-bit DNxHR is supported either. If the Ninja is creating either of these formats, that is likely to explain the crash.

Once a suitable format is found, then the responsiveness of the editing experience can be improved by using the built-in proxy workflow. The Ninja in high-quality mode gains nothing if the sources are re-encoded to lower quality. The original MOVs need to be used for the final render to make use of that high quality. Proxies would handle that nicely.

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