Big loss of audio volume


I suppose I’ve missed something like a master volume, because when I put and audio file with nearly 0DB (I mean full audio range) in sortcut and export as a wave file, Ive lost something like dozens of DB, without any filter selected… Is somebody aware of this problem?

It arrived in the middle of a session, I suppose I clicked at the bad place at the bad moment… :frowning:

I’ve started a new shotcut session with the same project and it opened with a clip called “Master”. There were 2 identical filters with -12DB in it, so the 24DB loss is solved.

When I select another clip, Master disappears… How can I select it again?

It is in the upper left corner of the timeline window. It’s just above the track heads, same row as the “ruler” with all the time markings. It’s a rectangle with the word “Master” in it.

Thanks a lot! I think that this Master is a very good idea, for instance if you want to last minute change something global like switching to black & white or increase luminosity… Well done!

The master is especially useful for applying an audio limiter at -1.5 dB to ensure nothing clips, no matter what track it came from or how many tracks were combined. I’m pretty sure that the limiter is based on electrical peak, not true reconstructed peak, so you’d have to give some buffer if targeting a specific dBTP.


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