Big Bend National Park Redux

2nd round with this video project. Applied some stabilization in select areas and exported in Broadcast instead of Full to get rid of shadow artifacts.

I’ve completed many exports with various settings and still get some jitter in sections and I don’t know why, especially since it’s fluid in preview. Regardless, I’m done experimenting with it as it’s just for family + friends anyways.

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For the stabilization:
Most stabilization tools use a simple averaging filter to determine the flow path like ffmpeg vid.stab used in Shotcut.
Often the negative effects aren’t seen in the video, but sometimes it can be seen.

Cons of averaging filters:
A sudden bump of one frame results into two smaller time distributed bumps in the video.

If the video shakiness cycle is about 3/4 or 5/4 of the averaging time the filter cannot reduce the shakiness more than a factor of 4 while other sequences are smooth.

It can also introduce in rare cases a fake blur by jitter the hole video.

To solve this issue I did create a free stabilization tool with advanced flow filters.
Filter 1: averaging filter like vid.stab
Filter 3: very smooth filter
Filter 4&5: adaptive filters!
Hopefully I am able to release a new version with an integrated player this or next week.
The current version has some flaws:
The first and the last frame is missing, and you should not change any project settings while analyzing the project. no audio on the exported video

Watch the intro video first, if you want to use it!

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