I’d like to subtract a constant background from a video (rather than using lame chromakey algorithms that never work right).to replace the background. There exists a library to do this for QT GUIs called bgslibrary2_qtgui but it isn’t at all clear how one gets access to this via a GUI. That’s why I downloaded shotcut – in hopes it would either incorporate it natively or at least provide a way to “plugin” the bgslibrary2.

How can one gain access to this library via shotcut?

Or does shotcut come with its own background subtraction?

This is not available in Shotcut. Use bgslibrary2_qtgui. It clearly provides a GUI as you can see and download.

I tried their GUI but it doesn’t use the detected background to subtract (or divide) it out to nullify it. ffmpeg might permit me to do these manipulations via the blend feature.

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