Better text blur

There’s nice blur effect in iMovie, called pull focus. It blurs background image and fades in text in front. The nice thing about the text fade is that on in/out animation it slides in, fades-in opacity and blurs-in/out.

All of that is reproducible in shotcut except for text blur. Now text blur is effectively useless in shotcut - it blurs within text shape with black edges, instead if “blurring” text out of focus.

Would be nice to have that feature properly done!

Like that:


hi @Dima_Iv
You can get this kind of blur if you add Alpha Channel Adjust (blur setting at 100%) to Blur: Box.
It’s a little inconvenient to have to use two filters, but it’s a fast workaround.


Well this can be also done with photoshop, first create text in photoshop then export it then add two tracks in shotcut and place the first text image on first track then again add the same image on second track then reposition the second one below the first text and make the second text blur. *(Not the best way)

@MusicalBox that doesn’t seem to work with white blurred text - it creates black glow around.
The desired result: image

@Ar_D it is kind-of approximation, yes, but iMovie also animates blur radius - that is possible with Blur filter in Shotcut, it just doesn’t work on text layers.

I would like to point out to another argument, for Shotcut developers (if they read that) − blur effect on text is now (seems to be) useless and does something nobody would expect or use, or at least I don’t know it.
Would be user-friendly to have it working this way, wouldn’t it?

Or even SVG layer would provide feasible workaround.

An option is to add a “Levels” filter between “Blur: Box” and “Alpha Channel: Adjust”. Move the Gamma and Output Black values to something high.


You got me there…
The best I can come up with for white text is Box: Blur with Unpremultiply Alpha
But you can only raise the blur up to around 10px. More than that, it doesn’t look so good.


That’s clever ! Didn’t think of that one :smiley:


I had never seen Alpha Adjust blur mode for this purpose either, so I learned something too!


But these are only workarounds. I Agree with @Dima_Iv that a single blur filter that would work correctly on text would be useful.

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Just trying to follow along here… A fun experiment.


Just tried your method. Wow, those results are super smooth on the fade-off.

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:+1:That’s probably the most useful one since it will work with any color.


Nice technique! All that just to blur some text

Interesting! In fact Box Blur works almost as what I’d expect from text - it blurs outside text shape area, whereas all other blur types blur inside.

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