Better Size and Position

Ok ive been thinking about this suggestion. I think it would be nice to have Free Selection that way you can can
do more advanced stuff like face swapping, If this is already possible please inform me.

Probably not enough.

Can you do this with any other NLE?

@Captain_Sammich42 Are you effectively suggesting a Custom Shape option for the Mask filter? This wouldn’t be a one-click Face-Swap solution, but would allow for interesting picture-in-picture implementations. Technically this is already possible with Overlay HTML & ChromaKey.

The Mask filter already has an Ellipse setting, which has been used for years as an easy face-swap effect for television shows.

Change “Size mode” to “Distort”. In case you are thinking of masking as suggested by @john_solo that will never be possible in Size and Position filter. However, there is a plan soon for an advanced masking filter that lets you draw curves to define the shape.