Better logging!


Haven’t you though about better logging? Shotcut log is very very modest. When having a problem it’s really difficult to guess what might be the reason of problems.

Ex. Now I have the situation that shotcut crashes during video export. And there is almost nothing there.

[Info   ] <Util::isMemoryLow> available RAM =  25240580 KB 
[Info   ] <EncodeJob::onFinished> job failed with 4 
[Info   ] <MainWindow::showStatusMessage> "Export job failed; trying again without Parallel processing." 
[Debug  ] <MeltJob::start> "/media/DATA/_shotcut/shotcut-linux-x86_64-221221/Shotcut/ -verbose -progress2 -abort xml:%2Ftmp%2Fshotcut-ryefAq.mlt?multi:1" 
[Info   ] <Util::isMemoryLow> available RAM =  50772296 KB

How can I guess what might be the reason basing on that? Why don’t you add timestamp? Why don’t you put ex. procedure name/filter name etc. where the crash happened. Now I have big problem and the only suggestion how to find which filter is causing the problems is… percentage value noticed by myself for the last time before crash (btw. this percentage value or even exact minute:second:frame could be also added to the log).

Shotcut is terribly buggy and such a simple log file doesn’t help in improving quality…

Shotcut crashes or the background export process? If the latter, you need to look in the export job log.

Why don’t you?

I can’t think of a situation where a timestamp would help. The log is overwritten with each Shotcut session.

RIght-click on the job in the export panel and view that log. If you need help analyzing the log, you can post it to this forum and we can look at it.