BETA version 24.02 now available to test

Please try our beta release for the next version due by the end of February with: fixes as usual, small changes to grouping and selection, AV1 hardware encoder for AMD 7000 series GPUs, and Ambisonic audio (panning, convert to binaural, stereo or surround, and output with metadata).
Feedback on the beta is preferred in this thread.


Crop: Rectangle and Crop: Circle disappear
Windows 11 23H2

Crop: Rectangle and Crop: Circle filters no longer appear in the video filter’s list.
They are in nightly windows version #1336 dated 24.02.10 as well as in the latest official version, but no longer from version #1337 dated 24.02.11.

Also missing are the 2 GPS filters. They’re not even in the 240217 nightly I had around.
I’m using windows 10 and the .zip versions.

When dragging an image file in the Source panel, the screen gets blank (all white)
And the properties panel looks like if the image was a video file.

In v24.01.28

In v24.09 BETA

If you drag the image in the timeline, it’s duration will be 1 frame. And the Preview panel gets blank as well when you move the Playhead to the image clip…

Turns out the problems above occurs with JPG image.

If I try to drag a PNG image, in addition I get asked to convert it to *Edit-friendly

There are a few more missing.
Here’s a list list of all the ones I noticed:

Audio Level Visualization
Audio Light Visualization
Audio Spectrum Visualization
Audio Waveform Visualization
Crop: Circle
Crop: Rectangle
GPS Graphics
GPS Text
Text: Rich

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I like this software with active community to make it better … so proud !

Just remembering it is a BETA and this is the opportunity to fix issue

thanks for you all

Windows 11. GPU Effects - enabled. White timeline.

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I can’t open any video file.

p.s. I needed to reboot my laptop to get it to work.

The problem with colors in GPU-Effects mode is still not fixed, the colors are distorted both in the viewport and after rendering. I reported the problem in detail here

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The application crashes if you add noise and then change the video mode.

I get that too. But only when GPU Effects is enabled.

I checked and shotcut team alerted it is unstable …

Captura de tela 2024-02-20 134414

The MLT Qt module failed to build, which is the source of most of these problems. I have not investigated it yet, but clearly this beta must be reissued.

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Please do not report about GPU Effects or bugs that have not been indicated as fixed in the release notes.

The beta link above has been updated for Windows to version 24.02.20 that includes this build fix. Thank you all for the quick feedback.


In this demo, I group together 2 clips, then I grab the bottom clip, drag it to the right, and keep dragging it up until the clips collapse into each other leaving only the top clip. The bug is then triggered when I hit undo. As the grouped clips go back to their original position, a copy of the first clip is left behind in the spot where I last dragged it.

Related to this is a suggestion: It would be better if grouped clips didn’t collapse into each other when you drag the bottom clip all the way up or the top clip all the way down. It’s just not what you’d expect would happen. When clips are grouped, the expectation is that they won’t collapse into each other and the grouped clips will stay intact as one item.

This is fixed for the release.

But what should happen to Clip 1? You have requested for it to move up 4 tracks but there is no Track V6 for it to move to. Should we create a Track V6? Or refuse to perform the move operations? Or something else? I am open to discussion about changing this behavior in another thread. But I kind of see it as an edge case and different people will have different expectations for what to do.

Nudging a clip is a LOT slower in v24.02 BETA

Here’s an example, comparing the BETA version with v24.01.28
In both versions I hold the dot key down.

As you can see, in 24.02 there is a delay of about 2 seconds between each jump.

That’s pretty slow. It is not so slow for me:

I had to make some changes in the “move” logic to fix some of the bugs. Maybe that caused it to be a little slower. I will look into it. But I do not know if I will make any changes for this release.