Best workflow for preventing file corruption

I want to prevent my files getting corrupt, I create 2 backups of the same project, but in some 2-3 months, all files get corrupted, any way to prevent this happening?

Or is it a problem in my windows, I use shotcut version 21.03.21, and Windows 10 pro 21H1.

My system specs are already written on my profile.

I do not have any third party antivirus software, my PC is enough powerful to run some extra softwares at the same time, but I do not use any software while running shotcut, the black mouse lag was solved on it’s own a day ago, it (black mouse) was also preventing to open telegram, so I think that was windows bug, which was solved because the update finished of my windows, but I don’t think the corruption of files is a windows problem, because my .veg (vegas) project still works after a year. Have I done something wrong?

You tell more about your personal life in this post than about the problem. :thinking:
What exactly do you mean by corrupted files?
We hear of corrupted files here from time to time, but I think it’s the first time someone reports that all their Shotcut files are getting corrupted over time. So I doubt it’s a Shotcut problem.

My system is not 1/4 as powerful as you claim yours to be and I have no problem opening projects that have been sitting on my hard drive for as long as 2 years. I just successfully opened 10 old projects with the latest version of Shotcut and the only problem I got was having to give Shotcut the new paths of a few media files that have been moved.

Sorry, My cousin asked for my phone, I doubt he must have done this.

Anyway, I will edit the post.

I don’t remember what version was used to create those projects, that might give some clue on this.

I also have some old files, they all open easily, but all files from May are only not opening, I had all the portables of shotcut versions of January to May at that time, So I am not sure that which version was used to create them.

That’s odd since there is only one edit (your last one) in the edit archive.
Anyways… cousins have tricks in their sleeves that we can’t suspect.

You can open any .mlt file in NotePad++ or Windows Notepad and you’ll see what version of Shotcut was used:

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As @MusicalBox asked, what do you mean by corrupted files?

That’s not odd actually, discourse forums doesn’t show edits done before first 4 mins, and he just asked for my phone a minute later of creating my post.

What I suspected was true, he also changed my Instagram account to private, I noticed this and caught him red-handed while he was making my Twitter account to private account.

I will check at the earliest possible tomorrow, you know our time differs (it’s 10.04pm here) .

The files which doesn’t show any edits done and no files in it, but many edits were done in the file. It could be also called a blank screen when you open shotcut, Nothing shown in the file even if many things were done in it, it just opens as a fresh new project of shotcut.

Do you see this when opening your project file with Notepad++?

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For what it’s worth I think there’s something going on with your system (whether it’s unique to Windows or your machine I have no idea) because I have been using Shotcut (on a Mac) for awhile now and while there certainly quirky behaviors, file corruption isn’t one of them.

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No, it doesn’t show these several null things.

They are all created in 21.05.01.

I rarely receive quirky behavior, just the files created in May (with version 21.05.01) started getting corrupt or it just loses all data if we say it in simple.

Otherwise all files created with older versions and today’s versions work correctly.

My Laptop is probably marginal (i5 10th Gen, 8gb) for running multiple programs, if one is a large SHOTCUT edit. Particularly if doing a 1ÂĽ hr Church Service, 2 cameras, and possibly a separate audio MP3. I did have it lock-up a few times in the early days.

NOW, before I start, I RESTART the computer - and ONLY go to SHOTCUT, avoiding opening any other program while it’s open. Fortunately I have another Laptop for other stuff.

And haven’t had a problem since. If it ever seems slow after a few hours of editing, I’ll restart the computer.

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I don’t know how this is related to my problem, but I will try to restart my PC.

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I am just opening those projects in version 21.03 and 21.08, I will also try to open it in version 21.05.1 and tell the results. I doubt the unstable version is just doing this.

Yep - I don’t understand either. BUT I do recall about 25-30 yrs ago (early Windows era), we had a program at work which needed the same. Some programs didn’t clean up after themselves properly on shutdown. And since then, that’s been the first thing I try if we had an issue.

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Restart doesn’t work, I will install version 21.05.01 and check out if it works. And upload a screenshot.

The may version opens the original files normally:-

The march version creates a repaired mlt for the project, and then everything doesn’t work.

I still don’t know the reason, but I will again save the project 5 times and open it in march version and see if any of it works. But I think, I should just start creating the project again with march version to be more stable.