Best way to straighten and crop?

I have 1920x1080 video that was not shot level to the horizon. So I need to (1) get the video level by rotating it (2) crop to remove the black wedges created from the rotation process and (3) resize to 1920x1080.
(1) Rotation: no problem. It was only 0.4 degrees off.
(2) Cropping: absolute trial and error. Can’t clearly see the edges of the frame (inside the black wedges) so can’t really know how much to crop. From what I can see, my only choices are dragging the corners of the frame and/or inserting numbers into the dialog box that comes with the filter.
I haven’t even gotten to step (3) yet.
Is there a more precise and viable way of removing the black wedges created by slight rotation/leveling?
Also: on the crop tool, what is the difference between “fill” and “fit” under Size Mode?


I’ve just closed all, but if I’m not wrong…, Crop is one way by setting the transparent color to Black (AFAIK is Black the usual color).
Another way can be the “Simple Mask” filter, which also has a rotate part.

Using the filters is first Crop or Mask, then Rotate/Scale.

Just thinking: Why Crop (or Mask)? You want to level, then it should be enough to use the ROT/SCALE filter, isn’t it? Scaling a little bigger and then rotating, done.

(I hope I haven’t misunderstood, of course… :slight_smile: )


When using the Rotate & Scale filter, click on the actual number, and scroll wheel up or down. It will go up/down 0.1 each scroll iteration.
You’ll probably will just need just this filter as Scaling up will get rid of the black wedges.

Thanks! Much more practical.

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