Best Tyoes of Fonts for YouTube

When we create a video, it is very apparent that YT does an extremely good job in recognising what we say (speech recognition). However, how well does YT recognise any text that we incorporate into our videos? Are some fonts better than others, or colour combinations that should be avoided?

Avoid cursive and handwriting-style fonts, usually referred to as script style. Same goes for overly elegant and curly fonts… all the extraneous or highly stylized lines can be difficult for a computer to recognize. Also avoid the Comic Sans font as a professional courtesy to graphic designers. Everything else should be fine.

Having said that, you could use whatever font you wanted if you copied key phrases into the description box where YouTube could index it there instead of OCR.

What do you expect Google, the owners of Youtube, to do with any data they extract using text recognition software? Apparently they do this without acknowledfing it in their terms and conditions.

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Many thanks for you answer, just wondering if it is an additional tool to help SEO.

It may give an SEO edge? On the other hand, I can see the sinister side of it all.

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