Best still image format

I’ve noticed inconsistent performance when it comes to using still images in videos but haven’t been paying attention to their format(it’s been a mix all the way from gif to tiff) is there one format that’s just easier for shotcut to export/edit with? I’m guessing it’s not PNG which seems to slow things down but would TIFF or BMP be processed better?(I can do some testing I just figured i’d ask first)

I’m curious if the compression ratio matters more than the format itself. BMP and TIFF are usually uncompressed, so they should be fast to decode. PNG can have wildly varying compression amounts and the algorithm doesn’t optimize to hardware well like JPG does. As a test, I wonder how PNG GIMP exports at zero versus nine for the compression amount affects Shotcut performance.

it looks like, at least using the defaults that format factory created jpg was fastest and png and tif were outright slowest but this might change if I add a few blocks that aren’t solid color. The setup was a 4k export, all images at native 1080 over an h264 mp4 at 4k

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