Best software for writing a script

I decided to make a script for my next video (not a shotcut tutorial this time), and record in shotcut directly from my camera. I have connected the camera and able to record that in shotcut, but the problem is I am not able to find a software for script writing, I would use it on my second monitor and then record that through HDMI in shotcut, and then after recording my video, I will delete that script recording from shotcut, it will just usefull for better speech. But the problem is I am not able to find a script software, @jonray uses pageplus, but now it’s no longer in production, which software I should use now?

I am looking for just a opensource software.



That’s the first software I thought to use, but I am asking for a software specifically made for script writing, and as far as I know that windows is not open source, and notepad comes with it, that means notepad is also not open source.

Visual Studio might be good and it is also open source, but it’s used for coding.

Is there any other software?

Trelby is a free, open source screenplay writing program (Windows and Linux) that may be what you want. Website link below:

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Thanks, it’s on my chrome download list with 900 other downloads, would take some time. The other downloads are 10mb file each.

Edit:- It’s downloaded bumping some half downloaded things, and I find it perfect to work on. Thanks! @CinemaScope

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