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@bryanb i have the same opinion as you. Raw video (more quality) or encoded video to match the youtube settings it almost make no difference at all. Slightly difference that i notice the raw video more blury and pixelized in some parts (maybe light transitions).

Raw video (start at 0:35) ->

Video encoded with youtube preset ->

Both videos are far away from the original ones, Raw and encoded, before uploading.


With just a relatively quick check, the raw video looks generally cleaner than the YouTube preset. I must have

Here’s an example of YT chewing up a 1080@video.

Look at this at 4K and again at 1080. The 4K playback is very close to the original, shot at 1080. Look at the 1080 playback and, in particular, look at the road seen through the windscreen. The original (4K playback) doesn’t have problems with pixelation. It’s an artifact added by YT.


What export setting did you use for 4k?


IIRC I used YouTube with the resolution bumped up to 4K and the frame rate to 60 fps. But that’s a guess. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.


Probably for the best results, first set your Video Mode to a 4k resolution at the correct fps for your source video. Then import your video.

Select the YouTube preset, Export File


Well… this is interesting.

I tried importing a video using your suggestion and then exporting, and when Shotcut imported, it was still at 1920x1080. So, I imported the video as normal i.e. default resolution of 1920x1080, but I exported it as 3840x2160.

This is the resulting clip:

It has all resolutions up to 2160, play it back at 1080 (or above) and compare to the raw footage I uploaded the other day:

I’d have to say sending to YouTube in an upscaled format has improved the playback quality at the original resolution. A pretty ugly hack, but hey, if it works…


So basically you recorded it at 1080p, encoded it to 4k and upload it at 4k right?




FWIW, I’ve been playing around with YouTube uploads and I seem to get a cleaner image by converting from 4;2:0 to 4:2:2 before uploading. I don’t know if this is coincidence or something weird about the way YouTube’s transcoding interacts with the video, but they are cleaner if first converted to 4:2:2. The video comes out of my camcorder at 4:2:0.


@bryanb The 4k upload is perfect :slight_smile:


Original video uploaded at 1080:

New video uploaded at 2160: (view at 1080p).

From about 12 to 13 mins in is a good comparison. To me the 4K upload is visibly better. The trees in particular look sharper.

Weird YouTube !

Took forever to upload though :frowning:


Hi there! Thanks for your URL re YouTube. Much appreciated!


There is far too much lens flare.

YouTube is matching the video to my display resolution of 720 x 1280.


You don’t get the option of 1080p ?

I’ve found I can get YouTube to re-encode with VP9 codec by upscaling to (only) 2560x1440 rather than 3840x2160, so upload file is a bit smaller. Here is an example:


I really don’t get youtube?

Look at this video recorded at 1080p 60fps gopro. Exported at 3840*2160, Quality-based VBR 59%, pretty shit


I hadn’t seen this document before:

For a 720p SDR (8-bit) video at 60 fps: 7.5 Mbps

1080p SDR @ 60 fps: 12 Mbps

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