Best quality but optimal video size

My video is almost 9 hours. It is made from a Nextbase dash cam with 1920 x 1080 at a 30.00 frame/second rate. I have finished all the cut&paste work.

What is the best setting I can use for a video in MP4 format.

If I use H.264 High Profile then the video is 53 Gb.
Can I use another setting while retaining its quality but the MP4 file will be reduced?

What are the intermediate profiles?


What is your video mode set at?
Are you planning on publishing to YouTube?

It is set to Automatic.
No, no intention to publish it on YouTube. It will only be stored on an external HDD to be shown on a TV, but, nevertheless, I am wondering if it is possible to lower the file size without compromising video quality.

Moving to h265(which can still have an mp4 contrainer) will give you better compression but take longer to export. How long is your video 53Gb sounds massive.

Not sure what you mean with sounds massive, but I can tell you that the voice is for around 30 min. part of the video. For the rest no voice/sound. But I plan to add background music for around an hour.


I missed that the video was 9 hours long, 53gb is what i’m used to seeing for raw video that’s in the 15-30 minute range.

h265 promises the same quality at half the bitrate of h264 in most situations and can still have an mp4 container, it’s worth a try

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