Best Method for Updating Shotcut?

What is the best method for updating Shotcut? Meaning to keep preferences, settings, etc? Are they stored locally to the app, or are they stored in the registry? I have been using the Windows installer version for a while, but have been pondering the portable version (for reasons).

“Best” depends on what you want to do. Be simple or be powerful?

Since you are pondering the portable version, I’ll offer that the portable version has been the best method to update Shotcut for me personally. This allows me to have multiple versions of Shotcut installed at the same time and switch between them as needed. On Windows, many settings are kept in the registry by default, which means configuration files don’t have to be carried between the different installation folders. The settings are effectively shared between all versions. Settings can be saved to a local app directory if that is preferred, but that is a manual override.

I use the portable version with multiple installations so that I can always open a project with the version of Shotcut that created it. This causes the fewest incompatibilities and surprises (like WebVfx disappearing) while working on projects that take several months to collect footage and edit. Similarly, I use AppImage as a portable installation on Linux. It’s worked great so far.

My folder structure looks like this:

C:\Program Files (zip)\Shotcut\18.03.06\shotcut.exe
C:\Program Files (zip)\Shotcut\21.01.29\shotcut.exe
C:\Program Files (zip)\Shotcut\21.02.27\shotcut.exe
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Good information. Thanks Austin.

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