Best Lossless Codec for edit


For a long time that I use the Lagarith codec. (oh, yes, it is free also)

It is one of the best lossless 24bit codec available for PC.
It does not “add” gradients on the color space when packing and the quality is, well, lossless, ideal for content editing.

Shotcut loads/ recognizes Lagarith clips (by the way, the Lagarith codec is wrapped in the AVI format).
Unfortunately Shotcut does not allow/ recognize the Lagarith codec to Export/ save.

Any chance to allow Shotcut to recognize the Lagarith codec on the AVI Export/ save list?

Many thanks.

Shotcut depends on FFmpeg for codecs, and Lagarith support depends on FFmpeg adding it.


Many thanks for the clarification.
So, I need to ask in the… on it.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


This was the info I got in sequence of this Lagarith integration quest.

There are a number of codecs that are part of ffmpeg like Dirac, FFV1, Huffyuv, Lagarith, VP9.

In fact I tested that ShotCut is able to load and edit Lagarith AVI files… but ShotCut doesn not allow to Export Lagarith AVI files.

Oh… disregard what I just said… I miss understood the info completely:

Q: Can ffpmeg encode lagarith ?

A: It can decode it, however, I contacted the lagarith author and he said that he (specifically) had no interest in porting his code to ffmpeg so…until somebody else steps up to do it, you’ll need to use windows’ system to encode to lagarith.

2nd edit
Ok, more sand to the bucket:

The FFMPEG lossless codecs list states:

A more up-to-date fork of Huffyuv is available as Lagarith:
Lagarith Codec (VfW codec)
FFmpeg (decoder only)

A more up-to-date fork of Huffyuv is available as Lagarith VfW codec?
This means FFMPEG can access Lagarith trough VFW workflow?
Now… I’m really confused…