Best exporting options

Hi, it’s me again, new user…
I have just finished assembling a 30 minutes collage video, and this video should be put on a usb pen into a wall projector, so I wonder which are the best/highest qualities for this purpose.
I mean, what should I use(H. 264 high or main or?) and what is the best resolution (?)
and codec

please help me, I need to hand this video before tomorrow night!

Thanking you in advance
Marco Tacconi

The quick answer… Use a preset.

I honestly do not know how wall projectors work nor their specifications for video.
Then it all depends upon the speed of the USB device at how fast the transfer rate is. Is the device 2.0, 3.1, type C, etc…

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What is the transfer rate of the projector from the USB? The ones I’ve seen at work are wired up to HDMI from computers. If the USB is used to just transfer the file to a computer then played from the computer to the projector, then there shouldn’t be any issue.

Use the defaults (do not change anything it click a preset) if you are not sure what you need. There is a preset named Default that does the same thing.

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