Best export settings for sports video

I have been trying to find the best export settings for sports video. Have tried libx codec, 60% quality, 150 GOP but file is huge (about 90k/minute) while people run is not smooth…

What am I missing?

Please advise…

The possibilities that it is jerky and not smooth after export are:-

1. You have set the wrong frame rate while export. (Is the problem in most cases)
2. The player is having some problems.
3. The original video is jerky.

And the reason that the file size is high was already explained by Austin:-

"“Percent quality” is not an intuitive metric, hence the common confusion regarding it. 100% means lossless, which sounds like a good thing. However, the human eye can only detect variances up to around the 68% mark. Above 68% will burn disk space for quality improvements that the eye can’t even detect or appreciate (wasted space). The default of 55% is good enough for most projects. A common technique is to export a small portion of the project at 55% quality and only raise it if it isn’t good enough."

So 60% is increasing the size but it also retains more quality. Only set the quality percent that you think is good for your video otherwise you could have very large files.

I also did this mistake at first but later I realized it.

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