Best export settings for mp4 audio-video with still image

Hello shotcutters, I do audio collections up to 4.5.hours with a short intro video and a still image as a song list, then i export that stuff in mp4. The last video with a good three hours runtime was quite good regarding file size and quality incl. image fade-in/out. But the latest one has over four hours runtime and there were some difficulties (used the same settings):

  • export file without file extension (had to put ‘mp4’ manually)
  • fade-in of jpg-image (songlist) was not continuous, too long dark and then ‘plop’ it’s there
  • big file size
    Trying to find the optimum setting between file size and quality. Maybe someone here has some experience with this sort of videos? I’m greateful for any support.

Well, I posted this a week ago but it seems that nobody has experience with this sort of audio-video…:disappointed: