Best encoding settings for a 4K 60fps video to playback with 50Mbit/s max


I own a Yi 4K+ camera that outputs beautiful 4K videos with 60fps that have up to 130Mbit/s.

My new 4K LG OLED TV though can sadly only playback videos with a bitrate of 50Mbit/s max.

Now I’m at a loss how to set the parameters in Shotcut if I need a H.264 or H.265 file with a maximum of 50Mbit/s.

Can someone help, please?

Many thanks.

It must be nice to have 4K equipment. Not having it myself I am not qualified to offer help. However, if it helps any, I understand that Shotcut will support bitrates higher than those provided in the dialog menus. It surprises me that your 4K TV has this bitrate limitation. In the Export panel when you select the libx264 or libx265 codec - Rate Control should be anything other than Quality-based VBR. The other three selections allow you to select the Bitrate. One of the selections is 50 Mb/s. HTH -=Ken=-

He Kenj, yeah. It surprised me as well that LG is so backward in the codecs they support. Lame really.

I tried what you suggested and it looks very promising. Thanks so much.