Best CPU for Shotcut? AMD 5950X or Intel i9 10900K

Hey guys,

I’m about to build a new Computer. Which CPU would perform the best with Shotcut please? I will be overclocking the Intel 5.3 Ghz or AMD 4.9Ghz

Thank you

Hello @gimble_guy,
I checked out the internet and found this:-
Annotation 2021-04-25 101337

So as per the search result the best is, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X DirectX 12.00.

Even Your intel i9 would perform good, I am also using the same i9 10900K for about 15 days, And it is really fast in blender even on playing back very heavy files.

It depends.

Will you use software encoders like x264?

Will you use hardware encoding?

If using hardware, are you buying a separate GPU, or do you want to save money by using QuickSync encoding built into the Intel chip?

Do you plan to do any AV1 encoding?

at the moment I am using my gpu. But I would like to start using just the CPU, I heard it’s better quality. I would like to try them all and see how they perform in quality and speed compared to my GPU

Still depends. What model GPU do you have? Will you be upgrading it as part of your build?

RTX 2080 non super. No I wont be upgrading it

Nice. I might just get that.

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That’s a great GPU. Software encoding will probably not be noticeably better.

So, if using hardware encoding for H.264 or H.265, then a bunch of cores aren’t necessary. Shotcut itself will only use a handful of cores, around 8 to 16 in most cases. It’s better to have faster cores rather than more cores. If I were in your shoes, I’d go with the Intel.

They’re both good options though. The AMD’s extra cores may be useful for tasks other than Shotcut.

If you’re wanting to encode to AV1, then a processor with AVX512 is a huge advantage. Neither the 10900K nor the AMD have AVX512.

Thank you Austin. I’ll go with the Intel.

Thanks guys

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