Begginer Tutorial for the new version

Hi, I have been not using shotcut for a long time, and I plan on using it again.
I searched on YouTube, but all tutorials are 9 months to 1 year old. I just want a tutorial series in Japanese/English for the latest version.

I’m not aware of any tutorials covering new features in the latest(s) version(s).
But maybe you could take an hour to read the release notes from v23.04 BETA to v23.11.29
That should give you a pretty good idea of what was added in 2023.


Thanks, I will definitely read it to the end if I don’t fall asleep midway the notes.

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Hi @MusicalBox , I read them all and tried it on the latest version, and the version prior to that, it took me time to understand stuff, nothing that was recently added was user friendly, completely confusing of how does those things work. For example the tracker doesn’t even load keyframes in a lot of filters, I mean even the listed filters that support it. I think this is a bug. The mask, I just don’t seem to understand anything about it, I still can’t figure out by myself how to create a mask in glaxnimate. It’s extremely tough to understand, I had to search specific tutorials for that.
To be honest, I might have waited few years more to see these features if I waited already for so long.
Atleast by that time they could be much better, inside shotcut, and user friendly. Creating a mask is way easier in all the other software, just switch to the mask tool and create the custom mask in the viewport of the video editor itself.