Beautiful Cow Herd Bells in Kwa Zulu Natal Saint Lucia

Latest made with Shotcut, hope you enjoy!

Not bad, but I’d cut the section showing you in the car mirror. Also, the title has the word “heard” instead of “herd”, unless that was an intended pun. There is a bit of wind noise that you might be able to remove/reduce see here:


Thank you so much for the feedback, appreciated.

Quality is not so great on this video, was taken a long time ago on an old camera. Busy experimenting…

LOL, actually did not notice the “heard” thanks for pointing it out…

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I agree with @Elusien comments about the parts where we see the car and also the wind (and car) noises. I’ll add that the shakiness, is also a bit disturbing.

I hope you don’t mind @singhms, I used a short part of your video to see if I could fix these issues, at least in part, without reducing the image quality too much.

I used:

  • Stabilize to reduce shakiness.
  • Sharpen To reduce some of the softness introduced by Stabilize
  • Size, Position & Rotate to zoom and move the video when see parts of the vehicle.
  • Contrast because I could.
  • Blend Pass To try remove wind and car noises.

I’m not so good with the Band Pass filter, so it probably needs some fine tuning.

Here’s the before after


I’ve not use the Stabilize filter myself, but I may give it a go seeing the effect it had here.


Thanks so much, really appreciated.

Will definitely have a look at the filter you used and see how to implement them.

Relatively new to video editing so any advice is always welcome.

Thanks for all your assistance.

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